817 Amber

Amber - 7% ABV - 42 IBU

 With toasted almond in the aroma and rich toffee and caramel on the palate, the stage is set for the citrus from the Centennial hops to shine.  The molasses finish is both satisfying and smooth. Crafted using 8 different malts, 1 hop, and finishing at 7% ABV this is an amber as bold as the area code.

Just Rye’te

Rye Pale Ale - % ABV -  IBU

 Just as the name suggests, this is a beer that perfectly combines juicy citrus hops, thick bready malts and unique ingredients like rye and orange blossom honey into an amalgamation that is just right.


IPA - % ABV -  IBU

Packing a huge tropical aromatic, I-B-U-tiful combines clean bittering hops with massive late aroma hopping. I-B-U-tiful uses premium 2-row malt and wheat to provide a soft bready malt back bone to bring the crisp bittering into balance. The result is an award-winning flavorful beer that finishes clean and refreshing with lasting flavors of citrus and stone fruits.

Red, White, and Smooth

American Lager - % ABV -  IBU

 If ever a beer embodied the spirit of being light, flavorful, thirst quenching, and unpretentious, it would be the traditional Standard American Lager. Light, malt-forward, and brilliantly clear, Red, White, and Smooth is extremely approachable for any level of beer drinker, but flavorful enough to satisfy any beer snob.

First of His Name

American Porter - % ABV -  IBU

Dark, roasty, and velvety smooth; This American Porter pours with aromatics of chocolate and coffee giving way to a rich decadent flavor. Incorporating unique ingredients like oats and Black Patent Malt, First of His Name has full flavor and body with a clean finish.

The Beer